Please donate your time to help the students. We ask for volunteers throughout the school year, so check the Web site for requests. The sooner you sign up, the better chance you have of volunteering for the task you prefer. Below is a list of events that we need help with.

Leadership Positions

Of course, in order to do all of these important things, we need volunteers to lead the efforts. At the end of each school year, leadership positions open up and need to be filled in the following school year.

2019/2020 openings:

3v3 Mustang Shootout Tourney co-chair

Craft Fair positions:

  • Co-Chairs:
    • prepare vendor application packet
    • process registration forms
    • maintain master spreadsheet of vendors
    • prepare floor plan of event
  • Publicity:
    • work with Booster webmaster
    • contact Daily Herald
    • promote the event
  • Concessions:
    • organize donated products
    • work with food vendors for event
    • organize volunteers to assist
  • Decorations:
    • organize decorations for the event
    • recruit volunteers to decorate
  • Raffle:
    • work with PTO – PTO runs the raffle

Contact the boosters if you are interested.


Team Liaisons

The Boosters are looking for individuals that will act as a liaison between their child’s athletic team and the Booster Board. A Liaison will attend the monthly booster meetings and communicate pertinent information back to the team parents. The Liaison will also communicate information from the team to the Board. Please email gomustangs.17@gmail.com.

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